Sy något till dig själv - du förtjänar det

Sew something for yourself - you deserve it

Sew something for yourself - you deserve it

When was the last time you made something for yourself?

Parents and gransparents are often focused on taking care of their loved-ones, so it's only natural for them to mostly sew for their kids and grandkids.

I have noticed that I often begin a new year or a new season with promises to myself that this time I'm going to sew more things for myself, but after a while I fall into the habit of only sewing clothes for the kids. "They grow so fast and often need new clothes" I say, but you know what - I deserve to get new homemade clothes too!  😀🧵💖

If you are stuck in the same habit of only sewing clothes for the kids and rarely yourself, then you could try breaking the habit by making matching clothes for you and the kids.

Get a fabric that you also like and make yourself a sweatshirt and a pair of comfy trousers for one of the kids. 😄💕

Here is some inspiration for using the Bubbles on Ocean Teal loopback college fabric from the shop.

 You can use the white tube rib fabric for the cuffs and neckline.

Sewing inspiration for sewing a sweatshirt for yourself - loopback college Bubbles on Ocean TealSewing inspiration for making a hoodie for a kid - loopback college fabric Bubbles on Ocean Teal

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