Inspiration - sy en body med tygpanelen "Guldfisken Gabby"

Get inspired - make a onesie with Gabby the Goldfish

Get inspired - make a onesie with Gabby the Goldfish

Fabric panels are great for making unique sewing projects without having to buy 3 different fabrics in full width.

This small fabric panel with Gabby the Goldfish has a focal design featuring the goldfish Gabby - just perfect for the front of a baby onesie or T-shirt.

A larger part of the fabric has a repeating design with the goldfish in different sizes - this section is great for the back and any matching details like pockets, sleeves or even small accessories like headbands.

The bottom part of the fabric panel has a contrasting section with an ombre effect that looks good on sleeves and will also add a "pop" when used on details like inside of pockets and neckline trims.

Try using the the orange tube-knit fabric for trimming the edges - it gives a nice contrast to the blue and at the same time goes well with the goldfishes. 

I hope you'll be inspired by seeing my suggestion of pattern placement on the fabric panel. The fabric is also great for making a T-shirt, so grab your favourite sewing pattern and make a unique garment for your kid. 😀


Watch the video to see how you can lay out a onesie sewing pattern on the Gabby the Goldfish fabric panel:


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