Inspiration for making a short-sleeved raglan dress with a big fabric panel made of organinc cotton featuring a fun octopus - from The Friendly Cat Fabrics

Get inspired - Short sleeved raglan dress with Oscar the Octopus

Get inspired - Short sleeved raglan dress with Oscar the Octopus

Fabric panels are great for making unique sewing projects without having to buy 3 different fabrics in full width.

The big fabric panel with Oscar the Octopus has a focal design featuring Oscar, perfect for the front of a dress or shirt.

A larger part of the fabric has a repeating design with lots of octopuses - this section is great for the back and any matching details like pockets, sleeves or even small accessories like headbands.

The bottom part of the fabric panel has a contrasting section with an ombre effect that looks good on sleeves and will also add a "pop" when used on details like inside of pockets and neckline trims.


I hope you'll be inspired by seeing this suggestion of pattern placement on the fabric panel. The outlines of the raglan dress pattern in the image is just one example. Grab your favourite sewing pattern and make a unique garment for your kid. 😀


Oscar the Octopus - Big fabric panel - organic jersey


Get inspired to make a raglan dress with Oscar the Octopus big fabric panel

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